Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bandung: Malls, Traffic, Anklung, Malls

The Bandung traffic is nestled in with tropical trees and yes, KFC.

Some Cool Peeps:

Jimmy Cotton, pictured here with a fruit bat/flying fox. Tallest and most massive man in Indonesia:

John Akin, headed to UVA Law next year. Note the giant bamboo in the background. When we went to the Anklung (musical instrument made of bamboo) place, we noticed these. They probably harvested the bamboo for their instruments, buildings, signposts, and just about everything else out of bamboo from their own grounds. Genius:

Detroit Mike and PA Ashley:

Erica on the left, Nicole on the right:

Orientation is split between bahasa Indonesia classes and teacher training. Otherwise, we explore Bandung. I captured some of the town in these pictures. Above you'll notice the human-powered taxis. Below is our beloved Novotel, home for these three weeks:

These little shops pepper the side of Bandung's streets. You can buy everything here from drinks to cigarettes to pulsa, or cell minutes:

The well-kept sidewalks. When they are present:

Traffic outside our beloved Ace Hardware mall, so named for the Ace Hardware store on the first floor. A mere ten minute walk from the hotel, this mall's gargantuan food court is a default:

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