Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bandung: Orientation, Birthday, Line Dancing

Here's Ab, iPhone disciple. This is the hotel passageway leading out of the main lobby and running next to the restaurant area (pictured here in on the left) where we eat each morning. At lunch they give us boxed lunches that we eat at these tables or outside. These boxed lunches are frequently disappointing, but at least they're free.

These next shots are of the hotel meeting space that we spend 8 hours a day in. The tables get moved around, but this is basically my full work or school day for these past weeks:

Here Kelly and I are featured in a newspaper rendition of native Padang-ian (I think?) dress. Note my stylish handbag and debonair presentation.

Apparently, it is tradition (at least for some children) in Indonesia to hit those with birthdays with flour and eggs. Michael, being himself a child at heart, volunteered for the experience on his big day, much to the amusement of everyone else:

Here he comes around the corner:

Someone threw an egg at the soft underbelly of this beast. It took several minutes for him to recover.

Here's a video of ETAs and teachers (guru) doing a line dance in language class:


  1. Hi Peter, guess you were lucky to have your birthday just before leaving!

  2. Looks like an eastern combination of the electric slide and Michael Jackson's "Thriller"