Monday, September 14, 2009

More Anklung

It's hard to see here (naturally, I managed to not take any discernible shots of the Anklung, the instrument for which the whole place and event exists), but most of the kids in this shot are holding Anklungs. Each Anklung will contain usually two bamboo pieces cut to resonate at the octave on a particular pitch. These children were adept at playing melodies handbell or chime style, resonating their scale degree at the appropriate moment. The show featured a ripping percussion section, some puppetmaster storytelling, and a vast group of Anklungs played by all ages. At the end, we in the audience had the opportunity to join in. They passed out anklungs to everyone there, and a conductor led the audience-turned-anklorchestra through a number of great tunes (All My Loving, some more Beatles, BeeGees). Then, the kids started pulling people from the audience, me included, out onto the stage for a rousing final dance number. My Indonesian 10-year-old boy partner was a superfreak on the dance floor. Naturally, I had to attempt to meet his greatness. Someone's pictures of this are bound to turn up on the internet at some point.

At the big local mall's food court, I found this gem of a meal - rice, rice noodles, chicken, vegetables, and some other stuff in broth - for 9,000 rupiah, or slightly less than 90 cents. It may not look good, but it tasted pretty good (so my wallet tells me):

Here are a couple more shots of the mall in all its splendor. There was an incredible live band with brass, thumping percussion, and nasty, wailing singers on the bottom floor. Remarkably, this is one of the smaller malls in the city:

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