Thursday, October 8, 2009

Week 2: The Apartment

So they finished the apartment enough to feel comfortable about me moving in! They worked overnight, and the space is quite nice. There is a large room with kitchen, table, TV, fridge, and sitting area, a bathroom with a hot shower, a separate bedroom (still with a mysteriously high population of mosquitoes. Today I woke up with several bloodstains on the sheets and pillowsheet - I assume from me rolling over onto the creatures, who were fat with my blood, in my sleep), and a pantry area where I could put a bike or something if I had one:

At the bottom of the above picture you can see my sarung, or man-skirt. It is basically a tube of colored bedsheets that you wrap and roll about your waist. It is quite a loss that the sarung is not a staple in American clothing. It is very comfortable, looks good, and even functions as a blanket, mosquito-killing whip, or anything you like really.

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  1. Wow Pete, that looks great! Hot showers? AHHH!!