Monday, October 12, 2009

Week 2: Weekend at the Fathony's in Jakarta

above: rainy macet (traffic) from Jakarta to Depok. child driver.

So Ab and I kicked it to Jakarta for the weekend. On Friday, we picked up Christine in Depok on the way for some afternoon shopping, frozen yogurt, and home cooking. Chris had to head back to Depok that night but Ab and I stayed overnight and talked to Nina, Herul, G'ma, Sabina and co. about Obama's dubious Nobel Peace Prize. We got Lavina on video chat and watched American football (Pats-Ravens from 5 days earlier). It was great.

I also tested out some shots with my new camera. This is a boy playing in the Fathony's street as we left for some shopping Saturday morning:

Ab and G'ma:

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