Monday, October 12, 2009

Week 3: Ab's Departure, More DW Shots

Ab had been stationed in Padang, where the 7.6 earthquake destroyed part of his school and much of the city's infrastructure. He was laying over at Dwi Warna with me last week before AMINEF could find him a new school. So, Sunday morning Ab left for Tana Tauraja, Sulawesi. The school and I will dearly miss him! But I'm sure he is happy to finally get settled.

I didn't have anything to do Sunday, so I wandered around campus and practiced some more shots with the new camera. Enjoy - these took FOREVER to load on the Indonet:

The canteen, where I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They don't have food selection here. There is one meal. Fortunately, it has so far always been decent and sometimes delicious:

The basketball court. The covering sort of protects it from rain, but when it really comes down, the rain comes sideways and the covering is as the students tell me, "useless." I spend a couple hours of most afternoons here:

The swimming pool, just below the basketball court. From the above shot, you would turn to your right and walk 20 feet:

The gorgeous mosque, or masjid, where students pray five times each day:

Artsy shot of a blooming flower outside near the classrooms:

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