Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week 3: Taman Safari

After a full day at the farm Saturday, I went to Taman Safari near Bogor, again with Christine (fellow ETA station in nearby Depok) and one of her students. His family drove us. We stopped at Cimory, a dairy farm, on the way there. Talk about segar! (fresh) The milk and yogurt were some of the best I have ever had.

Then we got to the so-called safari. Imagine a zoo that you peruse from the comfort of your car. Now pretend you are in Indonesia. Basically, the animals had no cages or fences. They had areas that they were sort of confined to (by guys running after them and guiding them back, or by big gates that closed off one area from another - especially around the tiger/lion/grizzly areas). So they run unhindered up to your car doors, where you yield a tasty treat - a carrot! The elephants were especially good at this game. If you gave them a carrot, they would eat it. But if you gave them money, they would hand it to the guy on their back. Elephant trunks are so weird.


Where's Waldo? What jungle animal is hidden in this shot:

it's a leopard and you can barely see its face right at the bottom of the frame about a third of the way from the left

What personality. A face only a mother could love. Or a face for radio:

The student's father said, as we approached the zebras, "zebras are from America, right?" Right.

This guy's from America though:

The heartbreaking part of the whole endeavor was the "Baby Zoo" at the end. They had a bunch of little gazebos with baby animals where you could pay an extra fee and get your picture taken with them. The animals of course had no interest in being there, but they were forced to go back and forth onto someone else's lap for shot after shot. The guys who handled them would force their faces to look toward the camera each time, too. It felt like what should come to your mind when you think of 'zoo consumerism.' This little fella bit the guard's hand right after this shot took place:

The Indonesian student insisted that we get a picture with this guy, an orangutan (from Indonesian orang, person, and utan, forest). I couldn't even smile in the picture. Here's the guard moving him off one person before going on to the next customer:

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  1. That camera is amazing. Your pictures are beautiful!