Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week 4: Eyang's Birthday, Botanical Gardens

This past weekend was Eyang's birthday! I decided to try public transportation to get to Pejompongan this time instead of using a taxi. It was pretty easy - I just walked out the Dwiwarna gates, hopped on an angkot to Pasar Parung (Parung's market), walked across the street and got on another angkot to Lebat Bulus (bus station), then hopped on the busway to ITC Permata Hijau. This put me within 10-20 minutes drive of the Fathony's house. An angkot is a bus with no door on the side of it. They drive regular routes and usually have a sign on the bag saying where they run to/from. You just hop on and yell kiri, or left (they drive on the left side of the road so left here means something akin to 'pull over'), when you want the driver to stop. Each angkot ride is 2,000rp. That's 20 cents. The busway ride, on a new, air-conditioned and comfortable bus, was 3,500rp, or roughly 35 cents. Even with a short taxi ride (~$1.50-2) from ITC Permata Hijau, that's a total cost of less than 3 bucks for about 2 hours of travel. You can see me and the fam in the above shot, and below. In both shots the birthday girl is seated in the middle of the couch:

The next day we left for Bogor, to go to the famed botanical gardens. It was a sunny Saturday morning as Nina, Herul, Sabina and I departed Pejompongan. We managed to see most of the massive gardens and get out just before massive rainfall came. Check out some of the shots:

Herul climbing like an orang utan:

This tree was really big:


These things sort of look like beehives, but they are just masses of millions of bees. There were 5 or 6 of these groups at the top of this massive tree:

These guys are supposed to be power rangers or something. I have no idea what this was about, they were just there as we drove through part of the gardens:

In the Orchidarum:

One tree released these cotton-like things that I am told are used for bedding:

An orang utan in my own right:


  1. Bummed I missed this one! I have a date to see the rafflesia flower in Bogor. What I really need is a date with good luck! It is hard to catch after it blooms.

  2. Amazing blog pete.
    Even my grandma lived also in bogor, I never been to bogor botanical garden until my friend and me went there at my 3rd year of college. We entered the garden illegally, because we didn’t pay for the ticket. He just said to the security that he wanted to meet his thesis advisor who works at the building inside the garden. And it worked. But only if we enter from another uncommon gate (only for the officials). After went to the building only for 5 minutes just to ask whether his advisor present (what an unimportant thing), we walk to the garden main area for having fun….. 

    Responding to chris comment, may be the flower that he meant is “bunga bangkai” or carcass flower or Amorphophalus titanum. Most Indonesian think that the flower and Raflessia are the same, but actually they are far different, two distinct species. Raflessia also rarely known as puspa langka (puspa = flower, langka = rare). And… if you lucky you can find Raflessia patma, a smaller version of Raflesia flower at Ujung Kulon.

    Sorry for to much talking… :)
    Nice blog …

  3. ups... i should write Rafflesia, instead of Raflessia ...

  4. Hi Pete, this is very well-written. We really enjoyed reading it. What a writer you are!
    Herul said you had all the qualifications to become a journalist and a travel writer...:-)
    We always enjoy your company, Pete.
    Love, the Fathonys