Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Weekend

I cruised into Jakarta on Saturday to hang out with the Fathonys and to celebrate Halloween. Chris and I arrived at midday. We went to an embassy family-centered Halloween party in the late afternoon that was quite an experience. Would you believe, right there in the middle of Jakarta, a bunch of white people in costumes with their bratty kids? Well we could hardly believe our eyes either but it reminded us a little of home. The theme was "trunk or treat," where families set up their cars as little houses in a line that the children can walk among for treats. Check out the above picture - it felt like we could have been in a parking lot anywhere in the US. Here's a detail shot of my favorite trunk:

They had some fun activities set up, including a fashion-style runway for the costume competition:

Look at all the white people!!!


After we had had enough of the family Halloween scene, we headed off to - you guessed it - the mall. Obligatory frozen yogurt at Tutti Frutti was followed by walking around and heading home. This is a cool display that was up in Senayan City, the ridiculously nice mall we chose. It's called "In my room," and the displays are all pictures of famous Indonesians in their rooms. They are holding guitars, or a loved one, or reading, or smiling, or whatever. There were some cool portraits:

So a low-key but fun Halloween weekend.

This week I got clearance for a Thanksgiving trip with the Fathony's to Madura and Surabaya, so look out for that. There's a wedding that Friday and I'm hoping that I'll get the chance to hike Bromo.

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