Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Trip to East Java: Part IV - Thanksgiving

Erica and the Thanksgiving spread

Thanksgiving! The most American of holidays! I had the great fortune of finding a genuine Thanksgiving dinner in the middle of Surabaya, provided by the US Consulate. There were a whopping 11 Fulbright English Teaching Assistants there - some made the journey from as far as Medan and Balikpakpan. The dinner took place in a huge, gorgeous house. There was a glorious spread of Thanksgiving food including my favorite, cranberry sauce. It was very homey. We even took the time to go around in a circle, camp-style, saying what we were thankful for. Mom, you would have loved it.

The sauce:

The company was great:

From left to right: Mike, Kerry, Aaron, Thom, Vidhi

All in all, it was a perfect Thanksgiving dinner. It felt like home, and it was really nice to take time to be thankful.

From left to right: Paul's girlfriend, Cassie, Paul, Dani, Erica, yours truly, Ashley, Tyler

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