Sunday, January 24, 2010

Alison's Arrival, Makassar, Dwi Warna

Alison finally arrived in early January...welcome to Indonesia! Must have been quite the change from wintry New England.

On the following weekend we went to Makassar in Sulawesi, one of Indonesia's large islands a couple hours away from Jakarta. The occasion was the AMINEF midyear conference, a time to take stock and share our experiences among the 32 ETAs. We planned the upcoming WORDS competition, an open-ended essay/performance/art contest on the theme "The Changing World Outside My Window: Where Am I From? Where Am I Going?" I proposed several other themes, like "Window Into My World" and "Evolution Outside My Window" but they didn't take hold.

Here's the acclaimed Makassar sunset. Unfortunately, Makassar is a very rainy place in rainy season, so we couldn't really see anything:

Alison, Christine, and Nicole (Chris and Nicole are my West Java co-ETAs). We're all walking to the Fathony's after a fun weekend in Makassar:

Hanging out in Pejompongan house:

Later that Sunday night, Alison joined me for the long public bus-train-angkot-angkot ride to Dwiwarna for a two-day visit. Here we are hanging out at the De We Cafe:

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