Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Year's in Jakarta

Chris Boveroux, a Hamilton '08 classmate and an ETA last year in Indonesia, arrived for a short visit on December 28th. We hung out in the house in Pejompongan, playing guitar and chess. We were looking forward to New Year's at the family villa in Puncak Pass, the mountains a couple hours south of Jakarta. To my delight Ab, Kalada, Christine, and Sarah (all current ETAs) came. Here are the four bearded bules in sarongs, off the back porch of the villa:

from left to right: me, Kalada, Chris, and Ab

Enjoying the last beautiful morning of 2009:


The villa is owned by the magnanimous and lovely Eyang Rein, Nina's aunt:

We played music as the sun came down:

The gazebo in the backyard became our late night haunt:

A few of us managed to stay up until morning light:

Comparing Lumix cameras in the morning:

The ETAs, one past and five present:

Most of the New Year's crew at the front door:

When we got back to Pejompongan on January 2nd, it was Ilma's 7th birthday:

On the last Sunday of my break, I went to see another former ETA, John Colombo, get married. Here is a shot of the dowry - yeah, those are greenbacks:

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