Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Balinese Cooking Class

We also took one morning in Ubud for a Balinese cooking class. We got to choose the Indonesian foods we wanted to learn: nasi goreng, of course - chicken sate, peanut sauce, sambal bali, fresh sambal, and sayur bali. Nasi goreng is fried rice, the most ubiquitous dish in Indonesia. It can be pretty terrible but also pretty good, since there’s no real rule about what goes into it, just that at some point you’re frying it. Chicken sate is pieces of chicken on a stick grilled over a charcoal fire and usually served with a delicious sauce, often gado-gado (peanut sambal) sauce. Then there was the peanut sauce itself, sambal bali-style, fresh sambal, and sayur bali or bali vegetable dish with coconut.

We signed up for the class at a local Ubud hotel. When we arrived at the kitchen, the chef was prepared with 4 or 5 helpers and nearly all of the preparations for the food had already been made. So everything was really fast. We just had to do a little chopping, a little blending, etc. – all while writing down the ingredients and procedures so we can try cooking it again later. My head was on a swivel! I thought: this must be a little bit of what Ethan’s project is like. It was fun.

The sambal:

Spear that chicken!

Fanning the flames:

Frying the nasi goreng:

Chicken sate:

The feast:


Bonus photo: oge oge, Balinese floats for their new years' parade. They are monsters. The Balinese have a penchant for dark imagery.

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