Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Week That Never Ended

From my journal:

"Back to School:
Back to school and sick as a dog. Proctoring a test and there are MAD cheaters. Pusing (Indonesian for headache), flu, MASUK ANGIN!"

I managed to get pretty sick over the weekend in Bali, so that by the time I got back to school I had a headache and runny nose. Basically, it was a nasty cold. Indonesians, superstitious people that they are, call this "masuk angin," from masuk, meaning enter or entrance, and angin, meaning wind. They translate it as "wind enters the body." Back in November, when I visited East Java, I encountered the Indonesian remedy for this - the krok, rubbing the skin of your chest and back HARD with a coin, leaving streaks of red in the flesh. Supposedly this lets the wind out of the body? I don't know, but if you look up my old post, you can see a picture of it.

I was sick all week and basically did nothing but teach, sleep, and blow my nose. I've never really taken the kind of rest you are supposed to take to get over sickness - in college I just couldn't make the time. But here I was able to, so I tried it out. The verdict: only keep yourself in bed if you actually can't do other things. I felt better than I might have, in terms of the sickness, because of all the sleep I was getting. But I also felt terrible, stale, and lazy.

In class, it was another week of WORDS competition: review the details, encourage students to participate, try to explain the theme. Boring. So the week took forever to go by. I was really just killing time until Jon arrived the coming Saturday, hoping his visit would be a big pick-me-up.

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