Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weekend in Jakarta: Sabina's Birthday!

Alison and I both came in to Jakarta the last weekend of February to celebrate Sabina's birthday. Rohan joined us on Friday night for dinner at Pepenero's, a tasty Italian restaurant chain in Jakarta.

Saturday was great. The whole family got together with lots of great food and cake. Christine came in from Depok and Rohan was there too. The house was full of good cheer as we sang happy birthday:

Naturally, Ilma got the privilege of blowing out the candles, even though it was Sabina's birthday:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I think the camera was shaking because I was so hungry.

Here is the gang with all the good food. From left to right, Rohan, Herul, Alison, Dini, Sabina:

Like her mom and her Eyang, Sabina has a gift for working the telephone:

After dinner we settled in for a movie, Michael Clayton, which was certainly a change of pace. The legal thriller took a while to settle us down but it was a good one.

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