Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Last Week in Bali: Snippets, Deduk's Performance

Generally, we spent mornings in gamelan or dance lessons, afternoons at the center, and evenings at Balinese performances and Ubud nightlife.

Here's a breakfast at one of the countless organic/green/trendy Ubud cafes.  That is a shot of wheatgrass.  I watched them bring the wheatgrass, which was basically just grass, into the kitchen.  It tastes like grass.  Apparently there are incredible health benefits, but I'm skeptical.  By the way, grass tastes terrible.

The Laughing Buddha cafe was one of the happening spots just a few minutes' walk from our homestay.  They had live music - blues, jazz and rock - a few nights each week.  The blues band was great:

So great, in fact, that middle-aged tourists who had had a couple drinks couldn't help themselves.  Get down!

Playing cards at the center.  They had never seen poker playing cards before.  We taught them a variation of Uno:

The local temple, which often functions much like a park or other public space would in the states:

We had a special opportunity to go see one of the children, Deduk, perform in a local village ceremony.  Deduk is a precocious Balinese 10-year-old.  Dressed in our temple finest, we used Deduk's limited directions and a little luck and found her in time for her performance.  We were the only foreigners there.  It was clearly not a show put on for tourists.  The authenticity of the cultural event was striking: huge numbers of Balinese getting together for hours and hours at night to play gamelan and dance the traditional dances.  It was like one of those marathon dance recitals that the massive dance studios put on in the US.  Deduk was dressed and made up to the max:

Seated in the audience, waiting for the big performance:

Deduk was very impressive, having mastered her dance with all the Balinese flourishes.  She had a featured spot at the front of the stage:

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