Sunday, May 23, 2010

Life in Parung

Photographs of everyday life in a West Javan kampung.

Dwiwarna's gratuitously high-ceiling'd cafeteria:

Class 10D:

Students hail from all over the archipelago, including 20% (many on scholarship) from Papua:

The enormously popular Plants vs. Zombies, being played in the Language Center:

In batik, my counterpart, Pak Rezki:

This enormous, Indonesia-centric map graces the main wall of the Language Center.  I can say with some confidence that I never saw a map oriented this way in the United States:

A major feature of my life here is angkot riding.  You can travel massive distances (well, for a long time at least) for next to nothing on these ubiquitous (in West Java) open-door vans.  This is the number 06, from Bogor to Parung, which I rode almost every weekend of my grant as the first part of traveling north to Jakarta.  Bonus sighting - the cardboard-box-with-plastic-handle-style luggage that is very popular among Indonesians for transporting their stuff, even on airplanes:

The main Parungian thoroughfare:

Green air conditioning:

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