Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sanur Beach

When we got back from Besakih, we had lunch and settled in for a nice 6-hour nap.  Sunday I woke up sore and ready to hit the beach.

Sanur Beach, nicknamed by some Snore Beach, is supposed to be lazier and more beautiful than Kuta.  We left from Ubud in a COLT taxi:

We arrived at the beach to find an old man wielding an enormous snake.  Bewildered, I snapped a quick shot:

This group of bartender trainees was working on their bottle flipping:

The beautiful beach:

When we had soaked up enough of the sun, we walked back to the eastern end of the beach and were surprised to find enormous numbers of Balinese.  It was like segregation.  They did not enter the beaches in front of hotels with prices in USD, but were gathered en masse to enjoy the weekend sun further down:

Check out all the bikes:

The Indonesian family van:


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