Monday, May 24, 2010

WORDS Competition Weekend

WORDS weekend finally came in early April, and it was pretty great.

Representing Dwiwarna was Anindita.  Her project was a process for making used plastic bottles into pencil cases.  We left late on Friday for the Aston Marina, the very same hotel I spent my first five days in.  We arrived last, but still in time for ice breakers and a nice welcome dinner.  It was great to see the other ETA's and their students.  The students were outrageously social, carousing and nongkronging from the start.

The competition kicked off on Saturday morning with a remarkable one-person drama (none other than Mike's student to boot), in which a teenager descends into drugs and sex and pornography before a fast and tragic death.  It had huge shock value and was actually hilarious.  I was very impressed, especially with stage presence.  Anindita did great.

We got the results after lunch (everyone was a winner!) and later in the afternoon, a Casper Slide / Electric Slide extravaganza.  It was good, old-fashioned fun. 

We had the rest of the night off.  Necessarily, we hemmed and hawed and grouped off and rendez-vous'd and wondered where this person or that person was and got really hungry for 3 hours before finally ending up at a bowling alley.  It was the first time bowling for all of the students - students from Surabaya, Papua, Kalimantan, Sumatra - and it was great.  I couldn't get over how American it was: bowling!  And how cool it is to go bowling with someone from East Kalimantan?  Seriously. 

Sunday we went to the national monument - a Washington-monument-like obelisk with a golden flame at the top.  It was so hot, and more or less predictably no one was interested.  After the obligatory walk out to the base of the monument, we sought out shade and killed a half an hour, before someone was like dude let's go back to the buses, and so we all went and sat in the AC.  Shortly, we were off to our corners of the archipelago.

The students' projects were impressive and I think they had a truly memorable experience.  I wouldn't have predicted such success for WORDS weekend, but a success it was.

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  1. Damn Pete, looks like you are having a ball. I'm back in Pakistan now, let me know if you plan to visit my neck of the woods.

    Keep having a rocking time.